The mere mention of Nice, France’s fifth largest city conjures up images of glamour, a stretch of beaches, 7.5 km to be precise, lined by a multitude of luxury hotels, casinos and restaurants, including the famous and impressive four-stars on the sea front: the Negresco Hotel, the Palais de la Méditerranée, the Casino Ruhl and others.
However, there is more to it than meets this image.

While maintaining its traditional charm the city has grown up and rebelled against a one-track image and now the city’s charming old architecture happily coexists with its new, modern luxury image. Nice is a vibrant city that is alive and living to the tempo of its cosmopolitan population. Contemporary art and sculptures are creatively and colorfully scattered throughout the city and the multitude of museums trench the city in a wealth of culture. The lush green parks slow the city pace down while the stylish multi-ethnic restaurants and trendy night life venues to suit all tastes, pick up the beat and reflect the eclectic mix of residents and visitors.